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For Kids Who Love Great Stories, Yet Struggle With Reading

Great Stories Brought to Life Every Month

Every month your child will receive: 

* A Great Book with Various Ways to Read It

* A Fun, Family-Friendly, Minimal Reading Game

*  2-3 Surprises that bring the book to life

PLUS a Bonus Collectible to Mark the Finish of Every Book!


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Monthly, Interactive
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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect my Dyslexia Together Box?

Your Dyslexia Together box will be shipped around the 6th of the next month.  

You will be charged on the date of initial purchase and then on the 15th of each month after the  date of your initial purchase.

What kind of commitment am I making?

We are so glad you are here! 
If you need to cancel your subscription, please cancel anytime by the 14th of the month (Midnight EST). If you cancel on the 15th or after, you will receive the next month's Box, and then your subscription will not renew  the following month. 

What's in a Dyslexia Together Box?

 Every month your child will receive wrapped surprises to open as the book unfolds, including:
 * A Great Book with Various Ways to Read It 
 * A Fun, Family-Friendly, Minimal Reading Game 
 * 2-3 Surprises that bring the book to life 

 PLUS a Bonus Collectible to Mark the Finish of Every Book!

What age is Dyslexia Together Box for?

Monthly Dyslexia Together Boxes are created primarily with families with elementary to early middle school-aged children in mind.

  You know your child best and can decide if Dyslexia Together Box may a good fit for your family, even if your children are outside of this general age range.

Do you have any resources for younger or older children?

Limited Edition Boxes address the unique and more specific needs of your family's dyslexia journey. 

Limited Edition Boxes go deeper into a topic geared toward a specific age group or life stages. Teen Editions cover transitions to new schools and higher-level study skills, and tools to assist new drivers. Pre-school Editions lay a solid foundation for basic literacy, writing, and math skills through age-appropriate, multi-sensory products and methods. 

 Be sure to download our FREE Phone Wallpaper  and Follow us on Social Media below to find out when these exciting Limited Edition boxes are released!

What if my child struggles with reading, but I'm not certain it is dyslexia?

Great books are for everyone...and even those individuals who are not formally identified with dyslexia will LOVE the Dyslexia Together Box experience! 

Dyslexia Together Box helps make great books easily and joyfully accessible to everyone who loves great stories...even if reading is a struggle. 

We can't wait for you to join us!