About Us

As moms also on the dyslexia journey, we bring authenticity and offer curated products and services that answer...

-What we Wish we Knew Earlier-
-What we are Glad we Know Now- 
-What are the Next Steps-

We've been on life's journey together since we were college roommates more than 20 years ago. After many years and military moves later, we unexpectedly reconnected back in Ohio at our eldest children's preschool Ice Cream Social...and now, in the blink of an eye, they're teenagers. Along with their younger middle and elementary-aged siblings, we continue to navigate through life's twists and turns together.

 Like one-in-five other families, we too are impacted on a daily basis by dyslexia.

We discovered too many years into our parenting journey, that many of the struggles our children face are common traits of dyslexia...even though we didn't know to identify it as dyslexia through those earlier years.

The formal dyslexia identification finally gave us a framework to work within, and a common vocabulary to find the right outside help and resources. Together we have over 25 years of experience finding innovative ways to help with daily homework, teaching how to do and keep up with daily chores and tasks, creating meaningful connections during family game nights while keeping in mind the varying levels of abilities, and building on our children's strengths to bolster them through the many rough patches along the way.

From the morning celebratory coffee meet-ups to the late-night 504 and IEP strategy phone calls, we can't imagine traveling this path alone without each other.

 Although this path can be rocky, it can be made easier when we journey together.

You too are not alone!

Dyslexia Together is for all of us...where we Journey Together.