Shout Out to Grandparents

As parents we know grandparents are always looking for meaningful and creative ways to connect with their grandchildren. Checkout this testimonial:

"You have to get these boxes! They are so cool! What a fun way to spend time with that awesome grandchild of yours.

You wouldn't believe the bonding and the fun. Take it from this proud Grandma, it was such a treasure getting to be part of the watching my grandchild have this experience.

I held the book open while my grandson turned the pages, one awesome finshed page after another. We unwrapped the chapter surprises together as we got them, one chapter at a time. We stopped for a fun lunch break and guess what, my granson wanted to jump right back into the book!

He loved it. We loved it. The story was fun. I loved everything about this experience.

Trust me, it will be a memory neither of you will ever forget. Just you wait and see. You'll want to do it every month."

-Cinda K.

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