The Holiday Story Box of Surprises

The Holiday Story Box of Surprises

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 The Holiday Box takes kids along the journey through a middle-grade chapter book as they open surprises that bring the story to life!

This is your chance to give a one-time gift or simply try a box before subscribing! 

What’s in the Box? 

📚🎧 Engaging Middle-Grade Book with Ways to Read with Your Eyes or Ears

🎲 Minimal-Reading Game or Activity That’s Fun for the Whole Family

🎁 Wrapped Surprises to Open Throughout the Story Adventure to Bring the Book to Life

🎉A Collectible Pin to Celebrate Your Book Adventure 

Who’s It For? 

*Created for anyone who loves great stories. The book in the box is publisher-recommended for 8-12 year-olds.

*Each box is curated by and for kids with Dyslexia, building on the strengths and accommodating the challenges of reading struggles.

*It is also a FUN experience for ANYONE and EVERYONE!

(Of course, the best way to get the latest Book Adventure is to subscribe and save.) 

⚠️This adventure box contains small parts and is not intended for children 3 or under. Adult Supervision is required  Surprise Gift #10.⚠️