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We are so excited to share the solutions we have found, ways to connect with our children and each other and ways to celebrate the wins along the way through much trial and error while helping our children with dyslexia navigate their journey. 

Moms Still Trying to Figure It Out...

As moms who are still trying to figure things out as our children get older, we are excited to share the lessons learned so far through innovative approaches to everyday challenges so your journey might not be as lonely or as difficult as our journeys when we were traveling it alone.

Every month, a thoughtfully chosen box of items will arrive at your door that will provide unique solutions to everyday challenges that come along with the dyslexia journey. The box items will connect us to each other and create connections for your family,  as well as provide easy ways to celebrate the big and small wins along the way! 

A Box of Solutions, Connections and Celebrations
PLUS a Community of Moms to Share Our Best With Each Other

Together as a community of moms, we want to share our best solutions to tricky challenges we face that seem to come easily to many tying shoes, reciting math facts or even family game time. We will build a diverse community of moms who are here for each other before the intimidating 504 or IEP meetings, to working through frustrations of nightly homework battles, as well as celebrating like crazy the seemingly (to our non-dyslexic friends) small wins...but are actually momentous occasions! 

Each month in addition to the Box of Solutions, Connections and Celebrations, we'll gather together experts, both professionals and parent-experts of different aspects of life for a Facebook Group Coffee Chat. We'll also provide quick 1, 5 and 15 minute- Get-It-Done Challenges to keep you moving forward through every day planning and leading your family's life through dyslexia. It might be a 5 minute - Get-It-Done Closet Clean-Out to make getting ready for school easier in the morning for your child, or it could be organizing a section of your child's school records for easy reference during their yearly meetings or teacher conferences. Together as a community we're also going to provide a place to share those momentous wins...a passing grade on a spelling test! ...a school or community project where your child felt confident and tears during homework...a family game night were everyone feels included and part of the fun! 

Dyslexia Together Box...

A Community of Moms Leading Your Family's Dyslexia Journey

The Dyslexia Together Community will be place to gather, support and encourage one another. We understand that your child is brilliant...but may not realize that brilliance in their everyday life at school. We understand that we as moms leading this journey... need a place to bounce ideas around, seek creative solutions to daily challenges and feel heard, understood and cared for, since we are in charge of many aspects of our family's dyslexia journey. 

Empowering Our Children to Accept and Celebrate Their Dyslexia

Come join us create this along side us. Let's gather and figure out the best ways to empower our children to not only accept, but also celebrate their dyslexia. May they be equipped with unique ways to learn as they realize their dyslexia is a big part of what allows them to think in different ways and to come up with unique solutions to big challenges in the world. Our children with dyslexia will not only struggle and survive, but will become some of the most hardworking, well-rounded, world-changers, who possess grit and an attitude of never giving up. 

Join us as a Founding Member as we travel this dyslexia journey together!

We can't wait to meet you!

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