What is the Dyslexia Moms' Facebook Group?

Dyslexia Together Box and Dyslexia Moms facebook group are built on the foundation that there is a need for a family-focused business dedicated to bringing everyday solutions, connecting families who are impacted by dyslexia as well as stopping and celebrating the often hard-won victories along the way.

As Mom’s also on the journey we uniquely understand the daily family experiences, the things that go on behind the scenes- the strengths, the joys and struggles of dyslexia, and their impact on the whole family.

We hold on to the belief that as we all know better, we do better.

Dyslexia Together is our way of doing better.

We are excited to journey together with the Dyslexia Moms group, sharing our collective stories, backgrounds, expertise, solutions, and experiences knowing together, we can build bridges over current gaps.

At Dyslexia Together we believe both our shared experiences and our differences, will make us stronger as a whole, and while dyslexia is hard, it is made easier when we journey together. 

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